volunteer with kith and kids
For all our projects and activities we are dependent on volunteers. They are the connection to society for the people who participate in our activities. Volunteers make the difference between a person sitting at home with their parents and going to the cinema with their mates; between watching from the sidelines and actively being part of an activity. There are lots of ways to volunteer at Kith & Kids and you don’t necessarily need experience as we will train you.  We need around 300 volunteers every year, men and women (we currently have fewer men and need more) so if you are interested please get in touch with us today!

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“Volunteering at K&K made me realise I have loads to offer. Sometimes it’s as simple as going to the shops, having a kick-about, or even just hanging out”

Mark, 26

what does a kith and kids volunteer do
Kith & Kids volunteers get involved in lots of different ways throughout the year.  From supporting a person with a learning disability or autism for five days on a Social Development Project to accompanying someone on a Friendship outing once every few weeks.  Many of our opportunities happen at weekends, during the school holidays or in the evening, and a few take place during the week, such as our volunteer mentoring.  So whatever your availability please just call our projects team to chat about how you may become a volunteer.

your experience counts
Have you ever taken yourself to a pub or a cinema? Travelled on a bus by yourself? Know how to make a cup of tea or how to buy something in a shop? If you can say “yes” to any of these questions then your experience is relevant. These are the type of things the people we support wish to be able to do, independently from their parents or carers.

Never worked with a person with a disability before?  Don’t worry – we will help you make your experience count by providing disability-awareness training and lots of feedback and guidance. The vast majority of the volunteers who join us every year are new to this kind of ‘work’. All we ask for is an open mind, energy and enthusiasm. Check out the individual Volunteer Projects & Activities pages for volunteers’ comments and training dates.

We also need people to help support our fundraising efforts, from cheering teams of runners to collecting at a train station.

why volunteering is good for you too
Volunteering really helps the people who attend and need our services, but it can be a rewarding experience for you too.  Here are some of the reasons why…

You can:

  • Use and develop your skills
  • Learn something new, get involved in fun activities with others
  • Increase your confidence
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Gain experience for (other) work
  • Give something back to the community
  • Do something fun and satisfying in your spare time
  • Challenge yourself