Residential Care

Residential Care

Footage from the speakers who presented at our conference on eligibility, choice and quality of residential care for people with a learning disability.

Residential care for those with learning difficulties – Luke Clements

Luke Clements is a Professor at Cardiff Law School. As a solicitor, Luke has acted for disabled people and their carers in domestic and European proceedings. He has written widely; his recent books include: Community Care and the Law (Legal Action Group 5th ed. 2011 – jointly written with Pauline Thompson), Disabled Children: a legal handbook (Legal Action Group 20120 – jointly written with Stephen Broach and Janet Read) and Carers and their Rights (Carers UK 4th ed. 2010).
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1. Statutes applying to residential care

2. Eligibility and needs assessments

3. How residential placements are made (part 1)

4. How residential placements are made (part 2)

5. How to protect an existing residential placement (part 1)

6. How to protect an existing residential placement (part 2)

7. Mental capacity, best interest, IMCA’s and two case studies

8. Deregistering charity run care homes, issues and rights

9. Supported living or residential care – which is better?

10. What if a placement is unsatisfactory?

11. What can parents do without legal intervention