Employability and Life Skills Project

kith and kids employment and life skills project

The Employment and Life Skills Project provides an autism specific term-time service for young adults (18+) at the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum.  It can also include young adults who have a mild or moderate learning disability.
The students are supported by experienced tutors to develop skills to access further education, work experience opportunities, and mainstream community facilities.  In addition there is plenty of individual support from volunteer mentors.

The curriculum consists of developing workplace skills, social and independence skills as well as more ‘academic’ basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and IT.  It also offers a range of healthy living and sports activities.

Skills are put into practice in a number of different ways: classroom based training sessions alternate with work experience placements, activities in the community, volunteering opportunities and end-of-term day trips.

Person-centred approach

Each student has an individual in-take interview.  If the project is mutually judged to be suitable an individual introduction path is mapped out to guide them into the project.  From there an individual learning plan is developed according to the student’s own interests and learning pace.

Learning sessions consist of small group sessions and sessions with individual mentors.

The project offers clear set structures but also a great deal of flexibility to ensure each person can work at their own pace.

Support for parents

Parents of students involved in ELSP have full access to our Family Support Service which offers information and support on any issues arising )e.g. planning for supported living, personal budgets, need assessments, respite…etc.)

Contact us

If you would like further information about ELSP you can contact Rich Pickup on rich@kithandkids.org.uk