The Story

The Story

Who Are We?

 The Art of Kith & Kids offers digital prints, beautifully mounted and framed. Our collection includes original artwork by the late artist Doreen Collins and World War 1 propaganda and public notices and broadsides.

As a group of young adults with learning disabilities or autism, we aim to develop our work and social skills through the Employability and Life Skills Project. The Art of Kith & Kids is a new venture for us and we are producing and selling all these wonderful prints, from start to finish. We have been mounting prints of them, and framing some. We have divided the process into individual tasks, and rotating who does what, so that everyone gets to build up the full range of skills. We are selling them in various locations around North London. All the profits from the Art of Kith & Kids will go back into helping fund the Employability and Life Skills Project. To read more about us see our blog!

Maurice Collins OBE has kindly given us permission to reproduce his vast collection of prints as well as Doreen Collins’ artwork. Doreen and Maurice Collins, were one of the two founding families of the charity Kith & Kids in 1969. Doreen’s work with the charity has helped and continues to help thousands of families with children who have learning disabilities and autism in London and across the UK.

About Doreen Collins

“I was born in Manchester – my father was Russian and my mother Polish. The genes in my family were all in the range of art and music and I have been lucky enough to have inherited both. I trained at Chelsea School of Art specialising under Jack Mathews who was a wonderful tutor. When I finished my training at Chelsea, I worked solidly in my studio and exhibited my sculpture in the R.A. Summer exhibitions (eight consecutive years) through the 1980’s. I was not conscious of any influence but instinctively veered towards cubism.

 In the 1990’s I made a conscious decision to move into painting. The reasons were mainly personal pressure in our lives as my daughter (who is learning disabled) also developed manic depression which is much harder to handle. Painting enabled me to be in complete control of my work from start to finish and I became very fascinated in trying to present movement and vitality on a flat surface. Using colour and the rhythm of the various lights and shades to emphasise shapes has been the underlying framework within any work I do as well as the flow of the overall design. I strive to replicate the feeling of tension in space within a life force and my training as a sculptor has given me a strong basis for everything that I create. The human form is my inspiration, drawing is my joy and a love of life is my attitude. If I lift your soul just a fraction with these creations, then that is my satisfaction”

Written by Doreen Collins
1936 – 2010

Retro Posters

This wonderful collection of posters, public notices and broadsides are fascinating and fun works of art.
We have World War 1 conscription posters designed to persuade men and women to enlist voluntarily in the Army and Navy, World War 2 campaign posters by the Ministry of Defence to uphold the morale of the nation and public notices and broadsides which were initially used to extend the power of the ruling classes by communicating directly with the public but overtime becoming a popular method of informing the populace about every conceivable aspect of life. 

All images are part of a huge collection of original pieces owned by Paul and Maurice Collins OBE. If you have an image in mind that you can’t see here, please just contact us and we will try our best to source it for you. Maurice’s collection is also available to hire and can be viewed at museums and galleries across the UK.