Prime Thinkers

Prime Thinkers utilizes the skills and knowledge of experienced professional people to develop affordable creative solutions for individuals, businesses and voluntary organisations.  Working closely with the client, Prime Thinkers provide informal brainstorming sessions which aim to deliver practical, effective and innovative ideas to help solve business dilemmas and concerns.  Prime Thinkers volunteer their time and all fees are donated to Kith & Kids.

How it began
Prime Thinkers
was set up in 2007 by Maurice Collins OBE and a small group of actively working and retired business people.  Maurice, well known in North London for his interest in new business ideas, and his associates were often approached by people asking for advice on various business problems.  They would freely give their help when they could or ask friends and colleagues if they had any useful ideas.

It became apparent that there are many men and women, who have enjoyed successful careers in a variety of different professions, who would be only too willing to help others by sharing their knowledge.  It was also clear that they would be happy to do this as a not-for-profit initiative to raise money and awareness for a local charity.

The first Prime Thinkers group meeting was held in a small café in London, creating an informal and positive environment for their clients to present their problem and the group to brainstorm ideas which could assist.

Not only do the group find that they can make a real difference to the client’s business but they also find it a hugely enjoyable activity and a great way to meet other like-minded individuals.

Prime Thinkers meet once a month and deliver sessions for up to two clients per morning.  Prime Thinkers give their time voluntarily and all client fees are donated to Kith & Kids.

What they do.
Anyone who has been in business knows what it is like to have those niggling problems or concerns that just won’t go away no matter how much you think about them.  Sometimes being so close to your work can mean that it is hard to take a step back and really get to the heart of the issue, no matter how committed and passionate you are about it.

Booking a bespoke brainstorming session with Prime Thinkers is the first step in finding the creative solutions you need.

Who are the Prime Thinkers?
Prime Thinkers come from a wide range of professions.  They are experts in their fields; people who have had senior roles within a company or have run their own businesses and organisations for a number of years.

Prime Thinkers was born from the shared enthusiasm of these actively working or retired individuals to give something back to those who can benefit from their expertise.

The aim is to offer an affordable service to clients, generating ideas according to their individual needs, which assists them in reaching their optimum goals and ambitions.

For more information and to contact Prime Thinkers please visit the website or call 020 3137 7652.