Fundraising online

Using the internet to fundraise is a fantastic way to boost your sponsorship.  This is mainly because you have the chance to tell many more people about the fantastic work you are doing and in more detail too!

So we’ve come up with a few important points to remember when fundraising online…

Online Giving

  • Online giving is a simple and highly effective way to fundraise. You set up a page online with your details and the event you are doing and people donate directly through the page. It’s great because not only does it get the word out, it is also very easy for you as the money comes directly to us.
  • There lots of online giving websites. You may know of JustGiving already. What we find is that Virgin Money Giving Page is the best value for your money. They simply charge us less. That means more money comes to us. If you still want to use JustGiving that’s fine too – any donation is fantastic!
  • To set up a Virgin Money Giving Page, click on this link. If you are having problems then your fundraising guide will have more detailed instructions on how to set up your page.
  • Remember to personalise your online giving page. This really does work! If you add pictures, your personal reason for raising money for Kith & Kids, and some information about what we do then this will encourage more people to donate.

Make your own fundraising video with Give to View

  • Turn your talents into good deeds by making a video, uploading it onto GivetoView, sharing the video and getting your friends and family to make donations to Kith & Kids in order to watch it!
  • All you need to do is make a video of yourself doing something – and it really could be just about anything eg. A special talent you have, a performance, a personal appeal or even a sponsored event.
  • Upload it to GivetoView, and get your friends and family to make a donation to watch it. The more people you share your video with, the more money you’ll raise! Videos are only shared with the people you want to share them with.

If you would like more information on GivetoView and how it works, contact

Social Media

  • Use social media to spread the word about the fundraising event or challenge you are doing. Facebook and twitter are an excellent way to inform all your friends, family and colleagues about how much you need their donations.
  • On facebook you can make your profile pic related to your event and set up a group too!
  • If you are training for an event you can even write a blog. Remember, for people to sponsor you they want to know it’s a real challenge! Give details and watch your sponsorship rise!


  • Use your work/school/university intranet to get attention for what you doing. Maybe you can be featured in a newsletter – or maybe just send an email out to all your contacts. A personalised message really goes a long way!