Mat’s Granny’s Cake

Mat’s Granny’s Cake (Mamie Christiane’s 3 Egg Cake)

This is an ancient recipe which was passed down through the generations.

1 pot yoghurt (eg from a 4 pack you’d get in the supermarket)
2 pots of self raising flour
3 pots of sugar
1/2 pot of oil
3 eggs
a big squeeze of lemon
a few drops of vanilla.

Take 1 yoghurt pot and pour it in a mixing bowl.
Now hold on to that pot because you’ll be using it to measure everything else. Put all the other ingredients in.

Stir it up and pour it into one of those round cake tins with a hole in the middle – I’m sure there’s a name for that. Make sure you grease it first!

Cook it at 180 C for around 20 minutes – til it’s golden.

Well done! Mamie Christiane would be proud.

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