Helpful tips

A cake sale is an wonderfully easy way to raise money. To make it as successful as possible there are a few essentials you have to think about. Thankfully we’ve thought about them for you!


Will you be holding it at work, school, home, church or somewhere else. Your venue will define your event so think about it carefully! How many people can you fit in? Does it fit your theme? If you are having it outdoors, think about rain, wind etc! Can you add the cake sale to another event?


Who will be coming? If it is at work or at a school then you know who will be coming. Kids will generally like smaller, funner items like cupcakes, brownies, etc. Adults tend to go for slices of cake – a good ol’ chocolate cake is always very popular for example.


As you know we want you to hold lots of cake sales in February, especially on Valentine’s Day! You can organise all sorts of fun cake-related games and competitions too…

Enjoy yourself!

If you want everyone else to have a good time, you need to be enjoying yourself too! Be adventurous and use it as an opportunity to plan your perfect event!